happy monday!

I know Mondays are not known for being “happy”, but today it is for me.  The sun is shining and we have warm summer weather again.  The mister and I got out for a walk along the harbour side this morning, and I’m playing with yarn this afternoon.

First I want to thank Andi from My Sister’s Knitter for linking my pattern and blog on her site.  This girl has connections and when she puts in a link, magic happens!  I woke up yesterday to my iPhone buzzing an alert that I have unusually high traffic on my blog.  I thought, yep, that’s got to be Andi!  She is always a great source for lovely patterns, beautiful yarn, inspiring music and a friendly chat about crafts.  Go check out her blog <3

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Some housekeeping things.  I’m going to try and blog more.  When I was doing my 52week series last year, I was on a regular posting schedule and I like that.  Right now I’m not anything you would call regular.  When the mood strikes me or when I have time.  But I’m going to try and step it up.

The wordpress blog that my sister and I started for our Emerald Lotus Fiberarts has been set aside.  She’s not a fan of blogging and I find it’s too redundant to post here, there, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram.  The blogging is happening here and here only.  I’ll keep that spot for now just in case we want to get back to it, but for now this is the place for our ELF work.  Well, our Facebook page too… Instagram… our Flickr accounts…

Right now our Etsy shop is on hold while we do our summer markets, and after August 30th it’ll either be back up or we will move it to a self-hosted site.  So for now, we’re only at our market booth.  August 30th.  Edmonds, WA.  Please come!

I need to get a blog roll back up.  I took my old one down because so many of them have sadly gone away and it was a pretty out-of-date list.  But I’m planning on a new one soon!

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I have more things in my head to say, but I’ll save that for another day.  And I better write them down because I suffer from c.r.a.f.t.

I’ll leave you with a peek at what my sister and I are working on right now.

I hope your Monday has been treating you well!


IMG_6607    squishy ribbed cowl 3

Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that I have updated the two free patterns I have listed in the menu above.  I have linked on each page, at the bottom, a printable PDF.  I’ve read, proofed, put on my thinking cap and virtually knit these again, and I think I have the bugs out of them… but please let me know if I haven’t, or if I am not clear.

I’ve also added a design page to my Ravelry account and included these two patterns, and they also link to a printable PDF.  They are here.  Please let me know if you give them a try, I’d love to see them!  Thanks to everyone who put them in their queue… it’s so exciting to share with everyone!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.58.18 PM

Now that I have these two updated, I’m getting started on my Eyelet Ridge Shawlette pattern, and I hope to have that up soon.

eyelet ridge shawlette  IMG_1642

This was a fun pattern to come up with and I’m really in love with how it came out with my long-colour changing handspun.  I need to get cracking!  Dye, spin, write a pattern…  all fun times!  Happy mid-week <3


in the mountains

and the mountain lakes…



Off on a little retreat with the Mister, which includes yarn of course.  I’m working on writing up the pattern to this:

eyelet ridge shawlette

And trying to figure out PDFs and how to upload them so you can download them.  I added my two patterns listed in the menu bar to Ravelry, and that links them back to here.  But I really would like a better version of a PDF to link it to.  Oh…. so many brain cells needed, so many dying off…

And having a little fun too, like doing a little hiking (11k today and boy am I tired!) and hanging out in the cool green places with local critters.


This little guy was trying to lure me, I’m positive, to a bear.  I’m sure he had an exchange… nuts for man woman flesh.  He’d pose, then lure me to the next post just as I was trying to get his photo… But I caught on, little scamp!  ;)

Carry on!


ripple baby1

ripple, baby!

Something soft, something small, and something colourful of course!  A new baby in the extended family means baby crafts!  I knew I only had a short while to whip something up and so I went to my stash and found the Deramore’s Stylecraft Special DK that I have been hoarding, picked out some colours that did it for me, and hopefully will for the babe, and whipped this “baby” off in just a few days.  Of course it also happens to be when we’re experiencing our hottest weather of the year (hovering around 30 celsius), but that’s what fans are for, right?  But yeah, I’m that weird lady crocheting a blanket in hot summer weather.

ripple baby2

It’s been nice to take a wee break from the yarn making business and do something fun and totally addicting.  Crocheting always grabs me tight and I can’t stop till it’s done.  I wake up thinking about when I can get back to it!


  • The Pattern is Attic24’s Neat Ripple.  This is my second Ripple and her pattern is written very clearly and it is detailed with photos.
  • Five colours: Aspen, Spring Green, Pomegranate, Cloud Blue and Saffron.
  • It measures 24″ by 32″.
  • Ravelry project link.


I’m waiting for a huge shipment of yarn to be delivered tomorrow so that I can get the dye pots fired up again.  One thing I learned from our market booth is that the blues are hot.  Give the people what they want is my motto!  And I love the blues too, so I’ll be happy quite to be tangled up in blue yarn!

In the meantime, I’m spinning some lovely merino/silk roving into yarn.

merino silk roving

I dyed them last week and have a fan parked next to my wheel, which is next to my big container of ice water to sip on, which is next to an open window, which looks out on my garden, which needs a good watering before I sit back at that wheel this morning.

Hope the summer is treating you well!


market day

Our day finally came, July 5th.  We spun, dyed, wove, knit, crocheted, priced, tagged, hauled it and our tables and tent to the market… and we sold!  It being our very first market booth, we really weren’t sure what to expect.   Some things we thought would do well, didn’t.  Some things we weren’t sure about, did well.  But we’re calling it a success and have already made adjustments in our planning and we have set new game plans in motion for our next booth, August 30th.

Despite the bit of rain we got… rats… we had a blast and the best part in this whole endeavour is doing it together.  Our mom and dad would be very happy.   We had great support from our family and friends;  friends who were able to stop by and visit us on Saturday, and support from our friends who were unable to.  We are very grateful!  Everyone who has encouraged us and given us positive feedback, we thank you so much!

Here are a few snaps we took, with our iPhones, of the day.   We started with an all-day work day on the 4th of July, finalizing the inventory, tagging everything and deciding on our final set up for the booth.  But we did manage to sneak out for a walk, grab a latte and smell the most amazing roses along the way.

july 4th

And take selfies with our yarn.  We are not the best at taking selfies… I kind of hogged our selfie space here… oops, sorry Sis!

fiber sisters

We arrived bright and early and with the help of our husbands, were able to set up our table of goodies.  Next to us, setting up, was Jonboy Caramels.  Lucky us!  They were really good.

elf market2 elf market1

We were feeling pretty darn professional with our sign.

elf market4 elf market3


We were very lucky to have open space on either side of our tent and we had the good fortune to have some folk singers set up and sing their hearts out.  The two young men came first and asked to borrow our stools to play, and we let them, provided they take requests (ahem, Bob Dylan).   Then the two ladies came, the four of them jammed on a couple of songs, then they performed on their own until the unfortunate rain came.  They were amazing to hear.  Darn that rain!!

elf market5

We made our last sale as we were getting ready to pack up for the day.  We met so many nice people and got great feedback on our items.  Lots of note taking ensued afterwards!


After the wine, that is.

Now I’m back home, resting up, ordering more yarn and fiber to get dyeing for the next market!  Cheers!