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So we’re still working on a date for our Room6 opening… hopefully November, but things don’t always go as planned! But we will get some yarn there and Melissa and I will be there… Just need to firm up the date. Right now it’s looking like the weekend of November 22/23. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, we’re gearing up for our next market booth which is put on by the Mill Creek Lion’s Club in Everett, Washington. It will be located at Penny Creek Elementary School and, yay, will be indoors, so we don’t need to fuss with a tent or worry about rain. November 15th from 9am to 5pm! We will be the sisters wearing our comfortable shoes. We’re working hard dyeing up yarn for kits. We’ll have the Ripple Wave Mitt Kits, Cowl Kits (both Melissa and I have been working on our cowl patterns), sock yarn, lace yarn, woven shawls and scarves and more! I’ve put a link in our sidebar with info and a map. I love a good map.

I’m still trying to get my mojo back after our epic trip, I drove down to my sister’s last week to check in on the patient (the kidney is doing great, just a slow slow recovery), worrying about my cat who had surgery for a cyst on his cheek, a tooth removal and a growth in his mouth. Poor guy has been “coned” for the last 2 weeks and we are all hoping the stitches come out tomorrow and the cone of shame removed. He really is pitiful! Good news is the growths came back negative so he just needs to grow the hair back on one side of his face! He also really needs to groom himself. And the kidney is doing great!!

I was so excited this morning to see one of our friend’s (jchant in Ravelry) finished Ripple Wave Mitts! She is a very talented knitter and they came out so beautiful… and it’s an adorable photo of her! Thank you, Julie, for sharing your photo!

copyright © jchant

I just got back from a visit to Room6 and found our baby hats out! So excited to see them there!



The top photo is from Florence, at the top of the bell tower (Giotto’s Campanile) at sunset. At 6pm all the bells across the city started chiming and it was magical!


buon giorno!

Well, that was a nice little break! The mister and I just got back from a long-planned trip to Italy and had the most amazing time seeing places we’ve read and studied about, eating incredible pastas and gelato, the wine, oh the wine! It feels like we’ve been gone for so long, and it also feels like we never went! How can it be all over already?

Due to circumstances delaying things on al of our ends, the pop-up shop at Room6 is going to be postponed for a few weeks. We don’t have a date yet, but we’re all hoping for the beginning of November. Melissa is tending her husband who is slowly but surely recovering from a kidney transplant, I’m getting myself organized, and Megan is awaiting deliveries of items that will be part of the shop. It was agreed that it’s best for everyone to take a few more weeks to get ready. I will update here on the blog and on our Facebook page when we have a new date set.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the five (yes, I crazily brought five) knitting projects. I finished one of them, almost done with two of them, half way there with the fourth one and never touched the fifth. I also never wore 20% of the clothes I brought and really only needed 1 pair of shoes. When will I ever learn!!! lol

I believe I was the only person knitting in all of Italy. Well, maybe that is exaggerating, but I never saw anyone with needles or a hook. I carried a project with me most days so that when we would take a break from our job of being good tourists, I could relax and knit a few rows. Of course my vino della casa helped relax me a bit too. I wish we had such good wine here, at such good prices! Or maybe it’s better we don’t. hah. Same with the gelato.


I never did find a yarn shop, although I didn’t look very hard. But that’s okay, I did get lots of inspiration for future ideas!

sistine chapel

Sorry for just reposting my instagram photos, but I haven’t had time to download the ones from my camera. Laundry and a kitty who needed surgery yesterday got me sidelined. But soon, I hope. Prego!


coming this fall

eeeeek! We are so excited! Coming this October to our favourite little shop in The Cove are our yarn and kits! Melissa and I will be launching our wares on the weekend of October 18/19 (we’ll be there to meet and greet and talk about yarn and patterns and wind up yarn) and then our things will be carried through winter. Room6 is owned by the adorable and enthusiastic Megan. We will have our Mitt Kits as well as some new ones we’ve been working on.

Deep Cove is such a beautiful place; it is close by, but feels like you’ve gone somewhere very special.  At least half my photos seem to be of the cove and the boats and the hiking rock.

cove in september

Meanwhile, we’re up to our elbows in dye and pattern testing and kits and orders and Etsy, a Christmas Bazaar we are doing in November, and a trip to Italy for the mister and me planned a year ago and most importantly… a new kidney for my brother-in-law! Was life ever quiet? I can’t remember!

More details coming soon!


I need another cappuccino, pronto, per favore :)

good morning, saturday


working on my test knit, ready to skein up a test yarn, drinking a french press latte, contemplating a piece of apple pie for breakfast… enjoying the quiet, except for the snoring cat.

How is your weekend starting?


Okay, let’s throw this one back

To when we were definitely style setters!


When we took ballet class together, back in the day, our instructor, Tony, dubbed us the Dolly Sisters. And that name has stuck with us since. We try to live up to their style.



Melissa came up for a few days this week so we could talk to a local shop owner about collaborating on a secret project that we are so excited about! And it’s happening right here in my back yard, for this fall!!! Not my literal backyard, mind you, but very close to here. More details soon ~~

For now I’m working up a new pattern for our lace weight yarn and knitting away while dancing plies and arabesques in my mind.