here and there

As a follow up to This and That, Here and There seemed a natural title. Also, it’s a rambling kind of post. shrug.


Okay, I have to admit that I have fallen off the 52week bandwagon. I should have known but January 1st always gives me hope that I can do anything, but alas. No.




I just got back from a trip to Ohio with my sister to visit our brother and his family. They live in a small town close to where our father was born and our grandparents, great-grandparents. The corn is in our blood it seems. We had a great visit, ate way too much yummy food, visited family, drove around the countryside, sat and knit during an all-day thunderstorm, watched the fireflies with amazement.


May we present to you… corn. Shoulder high before the 4th of July!

Getting to Columbus, however, is no easy task and it was an all-day (24 hours) expedition that entailed changed flights, backtracking flights, puddle jumpers and conflicting information. Why does it have to be so hard???


New York is not on the way to Columbus from Vancouver, but nevertheless, we had a layover there. shrug.

Our favourite porch at the Ivy Inn, our B&B in Saint Paris
Hello jolly tractor man… one of about 30 that drove by our place because tractor parades are a thing.



Stately Kiser Mansion, refurbished and gorgeous.
Early mornings on the porch.
Stained glass in the Ivy Inn.



I’m back home now and happy to be here to get some projects done before I head off on another trip with my oldest daughter.

I brought these socks to work on for the Ohio trip. I packed minimally, carry on only, so I wanted something small, compact and that would last me the whole time without running out of knitting. These are basic socks, 2×2 ribs but it’s the yarn that’s amazing. I bought a skein of Intrepid Otter in colourway “Breaking Bad” on the Washington State LYS Tour in May, at Quintessential Yarns in Duvall, WA. I was able to finish one sock and get halfway down the leg for the second by the time I got home.

Breaking Bad socks

I’m also doing some sample knitting for All Wound Up, some secret stuff so I can’t post it here for now, but it’s involving colour work in worsted weight, so it’s fun and creative and a complete change from my size 2.25mm sock needles.

Porch knitting

In between knit projects, I’m getting our guest rooms spiffed up for company coming at the end of the summer… painting both rooms, getting a new bed, re-caulking the guest shower. It’ll keep me busy till I leave in July to meet Robin in Zurich. At least I don’t have to worry about my knit project for that trip because it’s all ready to cast on, but not until I’m at the airport.


Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Dear brother Mike with his Missy and Rosie.


2 thoughts on “here and there

  1. Is that a Yorkie on brother Mike’s lap? It sure looks like one. I’m owned by a pretty sassy little one named Louie who rules my life. LOL! Love the colorful socks and the doilies they are pictured on are just beautiful!

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